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Cooperatively owned,
democratically governed,
open source social news
Cooperatively Owned
  • 100% member owned #platformcoop
  • Use of the site is free for all users, regardless of membership
  • Join as a member for £3/month or £30/year to become a co-owner of the platform and participate in its governance
  • Active developers gain free membership
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Democratically Governed
  • Transparently governed by users and members
  • All users can submit, vote on, and fork new proposals
  • Members vote to enact or reject successful proposals
  • Governance decisions must adhere to our co-authored constitution
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Open Source
  • Fully open source under the AGPLv3 licence
  • Explore and download the code base on GitHub
  • Talk to our developers on Discord
  • Follow the latest progress on our GitHub task board
  • Pitch in to complete tasks and get paid for contributions
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Privacy Respecting
  • No targeted advertising
  • No sale of data
  • Matomo used for site analytics
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